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Walk In The Rain

crop person walking through puddles on asphalt

Walk in the rain said the forecast.

Today was such a beautiful day to take a walk in the rain with the pups. One of many great things about having pups for companions is that they require regular walks and exercise. You may not feel like it, but their need doesn’t stop and being a good parent requires sacrifice. Or does it? Is staying active when we would rather hibernate really sacrifice? Seems like having a loyal, tail wagging, personal coach. “Get out and exercise!” they say.

Turning negative into positive.

My preference is walking on a beach in sunny weather. But that is not reality for right now. So how can I turn this into a positive experience?

When the forecast calls for rain I translate this into walk in the rain. Therefore, there may be inclement weather but it calls for action. Something that needs to be done. I can’t get out of it.

There is a call for action regardless of circumstances or hurdles or personal preferences. It’s cold and I am going to get wet.

Fur babies encourage us to be the best we can be and enjoy each moment. Like children, you watch them grow so fast. You see their smiles and excitement. Walking in the rain becomes an adventure. There is only a window of opportunity to pull on your rain boots, don a warm knit hat, and zip a warm jacket – scarf optional but really fashionable.

It was supposed to rain. It didn’t.

Not that rain is bad, but sometimes the forecast calls for rain and it doesn’t rain. This leaves almost an empty street because everyone else is avoiding the rain. It is invigorating to be out when very few are .

There may have been no walk in the rain, be we did see one couple who were as amazed as we were to the beauty around us. They too wondered if somehow we were the only people left in the world as it was eerily quiet.

The crisp chill air made us hurry a little more. The overcast sky created an ambiance of an impending storm, yet beckoning us to enjoy all that Mother Earth offered us, rain or no rain.

There has been many times the forecast has erred. We anticipate an event or create an event in our mind by outside influence, and it doesn’t happen. All that time wasted! To focus on what is, is to live untouched and to avoid feeling things that will not be validated by reality. We get things done.

In times like this, we adapt, learn, and improve. And we chill. Enjoy every moment, even if the forecast calls for rain. What scares other’s away – may just make your day.

Cheers to a walk in the rain,

Jessica Fletcher

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