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Two Brave Wonderful Kitties

My two brave wonderful kitties, are slowly dying. They are fragile. Watching your fur babies age gives attention to our own eventual demise. Biological siblings, our Siamese/Ferrell are just over 20 years old. Looking back, I am unsure if I would do it differently . Some days are harder than others. Many people euthanize their aging pets. Sometimes out of compassion, sometimes selfishness disguised as compassion. Some people; like myself, decide to for better or worse…keep going.

We are still going from when I originally wrote this post. Every morning I am afraid to open their special room because I don’t know if one of them has passed. It always seems like one or the other is about to. Especially Ares. But they keep on. They love their pate and special nibbles. I have to groom them because they no longer do. Now I can understand all the heaving of fur balls because oh how their hair grows! Left unattended, soon little hair mattes form – but are easily brushed away. They love being brushed so much.

Living for two brave wonderful kitties

Love is sacrifice

Having them in some ways has been a sacrifice as we can’t travel far or for too long. They can only travel with us under the best of circumstances. I don’t want them too hot or too cold. Nothing can be spur of the moment, unless it is of short duration. And every time I return, will we still be five?

I ask for forgiveness whenever I turn negative and just want them to go already because sometimes it is hard. There is just me who are there for them. But lately, all I feel is grateful for every day we have together. They are two brave wonderful kitties. I rock them and sometimes carry Ares outside and sit, just so he can feel fresh air on his face and to keep life interesting. Athena is different. She is simple and mostly wants her special food without too much attention. She has always been independent. And particular.

Typical Siamese

Ares and Athena are typical Siamese with the male being larger and the female being smaller. We got them during Thanksgiving one year, an older biological sister was giving them away. I remember a sister-in-law had first pick and selected a puffy kitten, considered the cutest. They would part ways early on, this in-law never could maintain a relationship with her pets. They often ended up at the local humane society until the next urge came along to have a new pet. Some people are just like that. I took the short haired male and then when no one took the female, I took her too. She had an eye infection so looked particularly unhealthy and fragile.

My daughter Cheyenne was three at the time and insisted they be named Prince and Princess. I was so not into those names because as an adult, I had already had used those names as a kid. But I understood her wanting to. That was me at her age. I researched Egyptian Gods and came up with Ares and Athena. Compromising, they went from Royalty to Royalty Gods. I give credit to my three year old who already had her own opinions of things and stuck to her guns. Officially our cats are named Prince Ares and Princess Athena.

Two Brave Wonderful Kitties

I remember the days when Ares’ body was full of soft flesh and a cushy, pillowy huggable frame. Now he has wasted away to sharp bones and fur that lacks a certain life. I remind myself that 20 years is 96 in cat years. Athena surprisingly has maintained her vibrancy but walks as an elderly person would. These two have brought me more joy and loyalty over so many years – than anyone.

I remind myself of all of this when they meow and I am trying to sleep (hunger, thirst for a fresh bowl of water or anything else is an all day thing) or when they go where they are not supposed to and I am not sure why. One person says they can’t have Alzheimer’s like people, yet I found dementia can be present (Google).

Getting a new cat water bowl dispenser helped. Dedicating a special room for them also helped so they can be protected from two rambunctious young pups. They like it quiet. Also, they preferred to sleep together so I bought a larger comfy sleep bed as I often found them squished in one smaller size, even if they had two. Brushing their coats helps bring back some of the luster and using a warm wet wash cloth helps keep them clean.

Sneaky Love

I won’t ever forget Ares falling asleep with me at night. All cuddled with me, purring. And in the morning he would push his nose and head against my face and rub and once again, be purring. But then I caught him. Sneaking into my room before the alarm went off. This particular morning I had woke up before the alarm. I found out the truth from Cheyenne. Ares wasn’t sleeping all night in my room after all. He actually went to my daughter’s room where all the pets were. Dog Mylo and Princess Athena. He waited first for me to fall asleep. I appreciated the fact that he spent time with me before he went off to his preferred sleeping spot. Cheyenne was a regular Snow White. An animal whisperer. They loved her.

20 years later and they still are my heart, my pride and joy. I pray for patience and acceptance and to give my love bugs the best as they have given me so much more. Devoted for how long it takes, they deserve it and I am going to be there for them.

Building my van to accommodate all five of us, Ares and Athena actually travel well. I can tell they are happier going with us then staying behind. I want to enjoy every moment they have left and try my best to help them enjoy their final days as well. They are family. Two brave wonderful kitties has taught me so much about never giving up and enjoying the little things in life. To have preference and that you can have it all. Sometimes you may just have to be sneaky about it. In a good way. Like using one hand and arm to pet two dogs if you have to. Or to forgo makeup but add a little lip tint. Adding carotene to spaghetti by fine grating carrots. There are no rules.

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