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Skilled Artisans We Want You

Artisans we want you. We are expanding our tribe. Do you long to create and have a great market place for your wares? Unheard and not seen in over populated selling platforms? Done with paying too much?

Skilled Artisans We Want You

Do you knit dog sweaters, up-cycle, work with metal, sew, make candles, create soap, raise bees for honey, make jewelry, work with wood, or anything else that is your passion? Create greeting cards? Awesome! Make one of a kind items? Turn your photography into canvas? Valued for originality and quality more than mass marketing? We want you! Artisans can help change the world.

There is something great about creating a tribe of like minded individuals that have something in common. Passion. Innovation. Drive. Hope. And the ability to learn and improve. We hone our craft and look at new ways to expand.

Easy To Use Platform

No experience? Artisans, we can walk you through it. With three plans to choose from, there is a plan suitable for your ambition. Maybe you want to just make the product and don’t want the hassle of creating content. We can create a special plan to fit your needs and skills. Not everyone wants to be tech savvy. Yet, you can knit a killer scarf. We can help.

dog wearing crochet scarf with fringe while sitting on snow selective focus photography
Scarfs are just cool

Artisans We Want You

The great thing is, it is your own store and you can communicate directly with your customers. We do not charge commission. You are your own boss.

It is time. There is no better time than now to get started on misplaced dreams.

What To Do Next

Visit the vendor membership tab and fill out the form. Not everyone is accepted. We want authentic creators and will only allow a certain amount of similar items. This benefits all vendors, not just a few. This way, we can create a tribe that works together and is inclusive.

Jessica Fletcher

Founder of Planet9 Co. The Market Place

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