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Setting Goals For 2021

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Setting goals for 2021 is making up for 2020 interrupted goals. It wasn’t even the pandemic so much or the fires. It was relying on someone. Having a plan and watch it disappear as someone couldn’t hold up their end of an agreement. Thus, there was no agreement and 2020 goals were all added to the learning experience pile.

2020 was one of the most shared worldwide feeling of weirdness.

I spent most of 2020 moving. Finding a most wonderful commercial unit in Central Oregon in late 2019, I made plans to move the business and also sell my personal residence.

I have goals.

Relocating. Almost 2/3 completely moved. Heavy items. By myself. Multiple trips. Getting caught in snow. Then the torrid heat. Wind storms with surreal unrestrained rolling sage brush. It was crazy. A crazy year. A matrix kind of year.

Losing a Year

Then the pandemic. Realization sinks in. When equipment and supplies start to fill the unit, doubt nags at me. I converse with the realtor and then I know. Detecting the scam in his emphasized, measured words. I measure. Unit square footage is less. I had been lied to. Conned. Once again.

No mail key was provided even after polite reminders that hinted at almost begging. Then being told to get it myself. This equals a refusal to provide a mail key. Something paid for. Something expected when your new business address is going to receive mail.

What happened to my goals?

I am realizing my 2020 goals will not be met and I am now aiming for 2021.


Mice, lizards, and the biggest spiders and beetles had an expensive playground. So the unit went from commercial to storage. An expense I wasn’t prepared for. I had to switch gears and move back. A long, tiring move home.

Again the move. More rolling, bouncing sage brush. The stress of not the snow, but sliding uncontrolled in the snow over an edge or into traffic. A working haul, not a glorious road trip without time constraints. As you age, a three sometimes plus hour drive is exhausting. And then you have a lot of work to do when you get there. Then you are tired and have to drive back. Goals, goals, goals.

The travel, loading, unloading, travel and repeat. Over and over. The squeezing to find room for everything.

When someone says always, never, or all and emphasizes it – know it is a lie when things are not exact. When someone wants to discuss conflictive information over the phone instead of the regular text or e-mail, know it is easier to lie without accountability. It is easier to monopolize a conversation. To throw some weight around. Ponder that. Thankfully there is prior documentation and advertisements held onto. Pictures. A voicemail.

Feelings Settle In

Disappointment. Lied to. Conned. By such a wimpy Real Estate Agent who sweats repressed superiority towards women. A bad divorce? Prior rebuked advances that carry over? There are many reasons a male in business will try to scam or one up a female. Mostly, they think they can. Get away with it. That females are the weaker sex because they are nurturing. They often do get away with it and are unchallenged. They are goal killers. Stay away. Trust your instincts. First impressions. That nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.

I still look at the good of things. And the learning opportunity. And accept the challenges to catch up to where I was supposed to be. That is me. I don’t stay down too long. It was a storage space. Without a contract. A scam contract is null and void. Another lesson learned which Jesus felt is something I had to learn. For good this time. I am the boss. Always. In every circumstance.

Stepping Up Goals

My personal setting goals in 2021 is something I choose not to share with others. These to me are private. I do take into consideration the following things I have learned through the years. There are 3 prime areas of where your time will be spent. For example:

  • family (this can include your tribe of fur babies)
  • home
  • work

For some this may be physical fitness, diet, work. A former gym rat, I tend to now make goals that include physical fitness (bam! killin’ two stones at once!). Some people may only want better health as a goal (losing weight, getting fit, spiritual connection).

After I designate my three prime areas I create a yearly goal. What do I want to get out of 2021? I have monthly goals, weekly goals, and daily lists to reach my weekly goals. I schedule each day to include the three prime areas I have time for. It may sound intense, but reaching goals has been a big part of my life and makes me happy. Setting goals for 2021 and how you do it is a personal choice. There is no perfect way – except for what works perfectly for you.

To each their own and finding their own canvas to paint. May 2021 bring you all the happiness, health, and love that you desire.

Jessica Fletcher

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