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Nut Bag For Nuts

Nut bag for nuts offers a convenient way to snack on pro energy foods. Nuts are number 7 in my Eating For Energy blog post.

One of the fears of creating a work environment where creativity is in demand, is the fear of running out of creativity. What if it dries up? What if I transition to this wonderful business I have and all of a sudden, can’t find a thing to create? Amazingly, inspiration and creativity is all around us. It doesn’t go away. It grows and grows and grows.

Nut Bag For Nuts

Ideas will come without warning and slap us on the head. We could be anywhere, doing anything. Artists or creative thinkers live random lives. Thoughts come and go, expand and evaporate – and nag at us until we bring them to life. We balance multiple projects and ideas. Where we see possibility, people see impossibility. We take nut bag and turn it into a usable Nut Bag.

I like snacking on nuts and trail mix. I created this nut bag for the purpose of being able to snack and have a bag that creates a vibe. For me, it is perfect to travel with and nuts are convenient and one of my number one choices for eating for energy. Especially on the go.

A healthy choice in snacking, peanuts are fun to eat. You can even put walnuts, pistachios, or any other of your favorite nuts in there. Once I made the nut bag, I also wanted a nut sack.

I love sewing these bags. I could sew these all day long. Although I screen print, for the prototype I used fabric spray and my own original font created from stencil – recycling a piece of cardboard to use for the stencil. This means I will screen the next design that I will sell. Creations go from rough to something more pleasing. I used twine drawstrings which only celebrates the earthy minimalist design I am going for.

Offered in January. A perfect winter treat. Offered again in April, screen printed with different font.

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