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My Pup Named Wednesday

My pup named Wednesday was brought home nine months after bringing 9 home. I wanted to grow my family and I wanted 9 to grow up with a friend. My mindset was still working in a secure government job as I saw an end in the not too far distance. The character Wednesday on The Adams Family was an influence and counting it out right now, yes, you got it – nine letters. Not intentional, but kind of meaningful. My human daughter was also born on a Wednesday.

Picking up my pup named Wednesday

Picking Wednesday up from a small Pomsky breeder in Utah, it was snowy and cold. We ordered Mexican food and bared the cold to steal the sunshine as six of us ate outside. Areika and her two children were wonderful and I could tell Wednesday had been well taken care of, she even knew her name. Aerika had originally named her Rachel, devoting the litter’s name to the Friends sitcom. This was great as Jennifer Anniston was my definition of classy. I was in awe at having two young pups, maybe even a little shell shocked. Was I really going to do this?

My life was filling up with leaps off cliffs and pushing the envelope and pressing my comfort level. 9 was so great at helping me through some tumultuous times and shown me so much love but my family still wasn’t quite complete until Wednesday joined us.

My pup named Wednesday is 9’s pup

Regardless, I considered Wednesday 9’s pup. 9 showed and taught her everything much like my neighbor’s two dogs had shown 9. Dogs are remarkable that way. A friend we were visiting once remarked, “I got your back,” after observing her dog act slightly aggressive to Wednesday and 9 gave a quick rear nip (if that) to tell her dog to stop. It was a stern warning from my little guy. They all got along fine after that. On the same out of state trip, Wednesday came up to me crying and holding her paw out for me to remove a burr. That touched my heart and was a defining moment on how far my tribe had become and the love and trust that was present. I really needed this in my life. Who doesn’t?

Wednesday’s and my connection was slower in formation and

built over a period of time.

Wednesday went at her own speed. 9 is always full speed ahead and emotional based where Wednesday is a thinker. It has been a great experience to see Wednesday grow and flourish. She wasn’t as socially adept like 9, she was afraid and didn’t know how to socialize with other dogs even if she was larger. She would cringe and cower. This wasn’t due to the place she came from as you couldn’t ask for a better breeder. Wednesday has outgrown this after several trips to the dog park, she is a quick learner. 9 has taught her to whine all the way down the parallel drive to the park and it sounds misplaced as she chimes in with her sibling.

Wednesday is larger than 9 and so it touched my heart recently when she jumped up on my lap, like she always saw 9 doing with help. She had never shown interest before and was too big to carry around. I have to hold 9 up with one arm as I embrace both of them. My heart bursts with love. I watch Wednesday as she makes sure she gets the same amount of treats (she LOVES food) and I often catch her gazing at me with love in her eyes. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and the sweetest personality. She loves to give “drive by” kisses and she is such a gentle dog.

Soon my pup named Wednesday stole my heart too

There is definitely sibling competition to get the best seating next to me and I have found myself asking them if I should turn the car around. As she surpassed 9 in size, Wednesday’s confidence also grew. She is such a great adventure partner and she minds so well. Unlike 9, Wednesday is huge on burying her bones and once her harness. Wearing a harness was also a slow transition as she chewed every one except her pink flowered one which she partially buried. It was her assertion of “maybe later, but not right now” and gave hope to the aging out of chewing items not to be chewed. I am completely happy with Wednesday and after you leave the puppy stage, two dogs for one person is not too much.

Wednesday’s favorite game is chase. She gets 9 to chase her and I have been invited a few times to play and it was sweet and fun, this is her bedtime game. It closes out their day. Her favorite food is ALL food. Wednesday drools thinking about food. As bad as it is perceived, we eat as a family and I don’t look at them as begging. I try to cook things that are universally healthy for all of us with their dry dog food being primary. Researching everything, I make sure it is edible.

Trust Jesus in following the right path

A newfound respect for mothers who juggle more than one child, pups are like children. At the end of the day, it is likely a matter of choice – with some exceptions. All you can do is pray to do it better than the day before and to grow together, not apart. Our moments are short lived and I actively focus on the moment. It’s really all we have.

I went back for one more day of government work and that was it. I knew and trusted Jesus that my road to happiness and freedom would be tough, but I am tougher and better than all I left behind. All those cries of, “I exist”, became the reality of “you don’t”. The abuse was over. The best revenge in life is to do well. And don’t look back because all those hard times were necessary to build your strength for what truly matters.

Live your best life.

Jessica Fletcher

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