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Love Solo During Pandemic

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Love solo conjures a person alone and lonely, with an outstretched hand, begging for companionship.

I can attest that this image can’t be further than the truth. Love solo to me is owning my time and spending the time to love myself. To grow my personal interests and to fill full by living my own life and accomplishing my own dreams. Some people would even argue with that and say by loving yourself and spending time on yourself you are selfish and greedy. I would tell those people that the opposite is true. You can’t love someone else or live your absolute best life by being authentic until you know what that means. And if you haven’t given yourself that time, you are going to be the image of someone else in order to make someone else happy.

Solo defined by society does not = happy

You need to be with someone. Solo is missing something. Your other half, your better half, your pumpkin pie. I am here to say not only am I single, but happy.

Love Solo is Single and Happy

I have never been happier and more content being single. It was tough being single in my former career job. You needed the protection of a relationship. Often the environment was littered with cheaters. I was scathed in heartburn. Never truly a happy heart – just a slow aching, sometimes sharp pain that lingered from one person to the next. I never for one second felt secure and happy, or a even a sense of belonging. Many people focus on feeling incomplete being single.

Why not focus on where you are at and being happy with that first?

I wanted to be single. It was with the pressure of society norms that dictated that if you are single there is a reason. Usually that fed fuel to the fire that something was wrong with you. The married folk would allow you in for a brief peek at their self-proclaimed perfect lives. Nobody wants a third wheel. This may disrupt or lead to two flat wheels.

Being single and happy took getting to know myself and capitalizing on my strengths and working on my weaknesses. I am single and happy and love every perfect imperfection that I am. And there is nobody here to tell me otherwise.

I have been in love solo for four years

It has taken the four years to overcome a lifetime of departing.

And even with that, sometimes a super fast flashback infiltrates my wall. There is a sad memory flashing of some prior event. I have realized recently how sensitive I was. What other people say or do is really a reflection of them, not me. What others do should have zero influence on my self-worth. How I feel now on what I deserve would have meant I would never have experienced what I have. Bad relationships. Unfulfilling relationships. Damaging relationships.

People will throw stones at things that shine and this will never change. Things that did make me sad or angry are slowly losing ground. I have held on to the memory for too long as a way for self-protection, a wall, a reminder to stay away. Experiences in life have led me to keeping my inner circle small. Embrace my goals, and discover all the things that I like or don’t like. I matter. And I exist. I have never felt so authentic and true to myself. And loved.

No do-overs.

There is absolutely no one, not a single person, I would want to go back to. Not a do-over. Not a redo with new knowledge or experience. I am making my way towards complete forgiveness to myself. Bad decisions slowed my progress in being the best person I could be. I forgive myself in making these bad choices.

Am I alone thinking like this? I truly am not unique and there will be others that feel the way I do. So, I do already know the answer to this. As we age, people may leave first. Can we do it solo?

Not to bash those in relationships, I love two people in love and in a healthy relationship. My daughter is and I love it. It’s not something I have ever know or even grew up with. I accept my life fully where I am now and embrace being single.

If you can’t find contentment single, you will never have it with someone. I will never again feel pressured to move too fast or to commit to something that I don’t want to. Who knows what the future holds? I know for now, I am happy where I am at and the direction I am going. I have all I need right here.

Live your best life.

Jessica Fletcher

Some Videos

These gals are older and this was back in 1997. If you stick with this video you can get something out of it. These women sure enjoyed life and embraced being single.

A 1997 video. This was interesting to see. Live Your Best Life.

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  1. Welcome welcome to the oit and proud singles plethora xD

    1. Ty. We do not have it so bad. 🙂

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