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Home Cooked Meals

plate of sushi

Creating a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, home cooked meals have become more appealing. There is something about creating colorful, nutritional dishes that draws me in and allows me to absorb the moment. Food is art. And art is living.

The longer the pandemic continued, the more home cooked meals prevailed. I broke the reliance of fast food as a quick fix to whatever ailed me. Working too much, being too lazy, being tired all the time, the drive through remedied the pain of cooking. As the virus spread, I stayed home more. I began to cook and after a period of time, the negative habit of the drive thru went away.

Home cooked meals taste better.

Fill your life with more color and taste and the ability to create sustenance that goes beyond just getting by. Mixing and matching, creating patterns and textures, and even adding a favorite glass of wine and candle adds visual imagery that makes everything taste better. Budget and create a cooking plan.

Cost Effective

I quit justifying going to a more expensive eatery as treating myself. The money I save now from going out I can spend elsewhere. I can use leftovers to create more meals. Some people refuse to acknowledge leftovers as food. I can’t relate.

There are staples I have and buy in bulk. These staples are healthy, filling, and inexpensive. Some of my favorite staples are rice, beans, and potatoes. These are my go to quick foods that I always have on hand. I can expand on this and add cheese and tortillas. Lately, peanut butter and dark chocolate, green apples, and tangerines are my favorites. These are my minimal got to have, easy to fix, staples. You should have a few staples on hand that are so easy to cook that you can’t justify going through the drive thru.

Cooking Bucket List

I have brought the joy of cooking more into my life and broke old habits of convenience foods. I am now exploring meals I want to learn how to cook. Some of these meals will be easy. Whatever the reason, I have started a Cooking Bucket List. We all need goals, right?

Thanks to the internet, looking up a recipe and tweaking it for your own is a click away.

  1. California Roll – vegetable
  2. Vegan Rice Paper Rolls
  3. Chicken Dumplings
  4. Tortillas
  5. Pineapple upside down cake
  6. Hamburger Buns
  7. Cannabis Cooking
  8. Large Ravioli
  9. Broiled Garlic drenched in olive oil
  10. Stew
  11. Cioppino

What is something you would like to try?

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