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Good Ol’ Road Trippin’

Our Saturday Whim

Good ol’ road trippin’ is a last minute endeavor. An afterthought that takes sudden momentum. A undeniable gravitational pull for window down wind. Quick made sandwiches. A camera and equipment grab. A supply of dog food and water. Leashes. Soft large towels for wet bodies and dirty paws. A full gas tank.

A Drive For Pretty Soap

The van leads the way to the beautiful Oregon Coast to buy soap at my favorite soap shop in Newport. Loofah Soaps N Creations is my guilty pleasure of a Marilyn Monroe, pink everywhere, girly frilly, small closet type store with great smelling soap, soaks, loofahs and pretty things. It’s not only the soap, but the atmosphere. The environment. The owner’s kindness of holding the store open once when we were running late. It is The Store.

We didn’t make it.

Unplanned Beauty

Good ol’ road trippin’ is making it to a beach we had never been before. There was a tunnel to walk through and dead ends that found us back tracking and treading near the busy highway to finally find the entrance that concealed the almost white sandy terrain. Within the terrain and before the rush of waves there was a swimming hole. A zig zag of pooled water whereupon 9 found his bliss and Wednesday watched.

We stayed at this water hole for a bit and as we had left a little later on a whim, this adventure was going to be shorter if we wanted to get home before dark. But it was worth it. We didn’t get the soap because it was too hot to leave the pups in the van, even for a little bit. Soap is just soap when your pup’s lives are at risk by leaving them in a hot vehicle.

You don’t.

When we got back to the van, we had a lovely family park next to us with young excited girls. They had the most beautiful hair, colored purple, pink, and orange. Each was exceptionally pretty and their mother was fantastic to let them be them. They took pictures with the van and their happiness was contagious. Sometimes, good ol’ road trippin’ is what we need. We need to step away from it. All of it. And for a moment bask in the happiness of others – by just being around it – it shines on us too if we let it. Rejuvenation is what I needed.

Wednesday’s Seat

I will remember the Harley guy and his girl at the traffic light and their window talk. The hand signals of “cool” and the smiles. It was nice to be out, out, out. And the best part was the sleeping pooped pups. They deserved to have a fun day. A good ol’ road trippin’ kinda day.

Mini Painted Hills
Our Future Looks Bright

The best time ever is now.

Jessica Fletcher

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