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Five Survival Tools

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Stranded with five survival tools…

Stranded on an island with five survival tools that were miraculously with you in your life boat. What would they be?

So you have your life boat, the clothes you are wearing, a life vest, and five other things. You will be stranded for a month until your HELP rock formation in the sand got attention from a passing plane. There is no question what your top survival tool should be.

A person can’t live without this.,,

Water. Although there is some dispute about the exact time it takes before you succumb to dehydration, it can be as little as three days. Other things factored in are environment and whether you are consuming food that contains hydration, like fruit. You would need to find a way to get some water. My first pick would be a water filter. As dehydration creates confusion and saps energy, I would use my second pick as a add on to the first. I would select a water bag that can attach to my water filter.

My third of five survival tools.,,,

This is where it gets more personal and is based on skill and motivation. You are now coming up with a plan and looking at possibilities. I have watered covered. Looking at my remaining survival needs I want as many uses as I can get from one tool. I will pick a small ax. Using an ax to hunt, chop wood for fire and shelter, it can also be a weapon if needed. Using an ax to clear paths to walk or to prepare food, an ax can be used for many things.

My fourth.,,,

It is getting trickier. There are so many things to choose. I would next choose an emergency fire starter flint. Starting fire with two sticks doesn’t appeal to me. I want something quicker. I would rather save energy for fishing and gathering. Creating as comfortable living space in the outdoors that I can, fire seems lovely. Fire can be used to cook, to signal to possible rescuers, and to keep wild animals at bay. Fire offers warmth and security. There is nothing like a good campfire.

Only one left.,,,

I would want a cooking pot to cook with. My five choices went fast and I reserve the right to change my mind later. I hope that I can be resourceful and find a way to make things from scavenging off the island. For example, making twine to fish with or build netting. Using the life boat as shelter until I can create something different. There are so many possibilities. Now more than ever is the time to think about self-sufficiency and survival. If you can’t take care of yourself, who will?

What five survival tools would you want?

Your Adventure Awaits,

Jessica Fletcher

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