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Eating For Energy

Eating for energy requires energy. My energy ebbs and flows like blue coastal waters. Having proper energy will improve the quality of life.

This morning I was on a mission to discover foods that can help me maximize energy, get me moving, and hopefully I can work on changing my sleeping habits. I suspect that many prescribed medication for various disorders can be eliminated if we ate better. If we exercised more. If we put more effort on our intake, including what we allow in on social or “news” media. We are sponges. The work is done in minimizing the social media “news” aspect, now I am on to my food intake.

Eating for Energy: Top 12 Foods

Finding a wonderful article online (thanks Google) called, “Top 12 Foods High in Energy to Keep You Going Through the Day,” by Daisy Whitbread. I feel I landed on a goldmine. The top 12 foods are:

  4. EGGS
  5. FRUIT
  7. NUTS
  9. FISH
  10. SEEDS
  12. WATER

Proper Diet

This is a great foundation to start. My favorite first meal has been oatmeal and is a no-brainer. I love it, especially the versatility and how little goes a long way. It is inexpensive and you can add your favorite flavors of diced fruit and nuts. Everything on this list is doable – and is already in my diet.

I tend to favor the Mediterranean diet and recently purchased some books on the subject so I can educate myself even more. I did the same when I was a lacto/ovo vegetarian for 6 years. A long while ago I joined Mediterranean food groups on Fakebook and there was so much fighting and negativity that I had to un-join. Don’t let others ruin a good thing for you. Proper diet is the first step in living your best life. We put proper oil and gas in our vehicles, do we not? We should give the same attention to ourselves.

An Amazing Website

The article I read today regarding high energy foods was found on the website You can visit the specific article link here:

What is good about this website is I found some other great tools I am going to dive into. A nutrition data tool is one example. A recipe nutrition calculator is another one. I can’t wait to explore this website more. So far, it appears free. All data is sourced from USDA FOOD DATA CENTRAL. That sounds important doesn’t it? Part of living our best lives is being the healthiest we can be. This takes work and is a lifestyle.

What’s on your plate?


***NOTE: I receive nothing from except education on my drive for better health, fitness, and well-being. 5 stars

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