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Document Don’t Create

In the article, Document Don’t Create, D.O. Gibson shares an important philosophy he learned regarding writing and posting content.

How does this person post so often? It’s what often creeps into my mind when scrolling through social media. I wonder how they do it.  I wonder how …

Document Don’t Create

It took some thinking to understand the concept of documenting. Documenting is something I did after I completed inventory or set new goals. I suppose if the title was Document, Don’t Create – that would have made more sense. Regardless, one comma should not make a difference in the importance of this simple concept.

Document don’t create seems so clean and sterile. But thinking deeper, creating is the polished version and fraught with perfection and salesmanship. Edits. Lots of edits. Documenting is truthful and diary “ish”, raw and full of facts without the perfect lighting. Documenting represents the draw for impromptu, or a follow me for real life adventures – both good and bad. Twisted and messy. Like life.

Document Don’t Create

In my spiritual journey, I find something that always is the right thing to read. This was a good read to boost me to the next new year.

I am grateful people are out there sharing usable information that is relatable. I am on a mission to find more because self-improvement is high on my 2021 list. Not only self-improvement – but at the very core my own censorship of unworthy material that is cluttering my mind. Cheers to censorship. By me.

Jessica Fletcher

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