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Cutting Ties With Lucifer

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When I first embarked a slight year ago on this new journey I can best describe as, “Cutting Ties With Lucifer,” – I was at a low point. My mind was not strong and my body began to depreciate. When you surround yourself in negativity for so long, it takes a toll. So, like many before me – I did something about it.

A great civilization is not conquered without until it had destroyed itself within.” W. Durant

Cutting Ties Gives Hope

Cutting ties with Lucifer gives me hope. I leaped, jumped, ran, skipped, slid, hurtled, crawled, and rolled….forward. Transitioning from a seemingly recession proof stable government job to self-employment and self-sufficiency, I have no complaints and no regrets. I am grateful. I am grateful that in a time of uncertainty with face masks, social distancing, and sometimes empty store shelves – I know something.

Through negativity and challenges, I am still here. And with a personal connection to Jesus, I am where I am supposed to be. I can’t control everything and worrying about anything won’t help an outcome. I can only do my best. My best has been a lifetime of plan b, c, and d’s. Being flexible and adaptable. Learning something new everyday. And gathering memories. This has been one of the best decisions I ever made.

Cutting Ties With Lucifer

You no longer will connect yourself to people or organizations that are corrupt. You choose to only align with like minded individuals. From where I spent the past 17 years, it is no wonder that it was a struggle to keep my head above water in an environment full of bottom feeders. Be careful and mindful of how you choose to spend your life, because it is a choice.

Stay with me as I build the interior of my cargo van, develop new products, and travel throughout the United States with my adventure furā¤babies. We plan to leave a positive footprint, volunteer, and generally have fun on this silly ride.

Jessica Fletcher

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