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Skilled Artisans We Want You

Artisans we want you. We are expanding our tribe. Do you long to create and have a great market place for your wares? Unheard and not seen in over populated selling platforms? Done with paying too much?

Skilled Artisans We Want You

Do you knit dog sweaters, up-cycle, work with metal, sew, make candles, create soap, raise bees for honey, make jewelry, work with wood, or anything else that is your passion? Create greeting cards? Awesome! Make one of a kind items? Turn your photography into canvas? Valued for originality and quality more than mass marketing? We want you! Artisans can help change the world.

There is something great about creating a tribe of like minded individuals that have something in common. Passion. Innovation. Drive. Hope. And the ability to learn and improve. We hone our craft and look at new ways to expand.

Easy To Use Platform

No experience? Artisans, we can walk you through it. With three plans to choose from, there is a plan suitable for your ambition. Maybe you want to just make the product and don’t want the hassle of creating content. We can create a special plan to fit your needs and skills. Not everyone wants to be tech savvy. Yet, you can knit a killer scarf. We can help.

dog wearing crochet scarf with fringe while sitting on snow selective focus photography
Scarfs are just cool

Artisans We Want You

The great thing is, it is your own store and you can communicate directly with your customers. We do not charge commission. You are your own boss.

It is time. There is no better time than now to get started on misplaced dreams.

What To Do Next

Visit the vendor membership tab and fill out the form. Not everyone is accepted. We want authentic creators and will only allow a certain amount of similar items. This benefits all vendors, not just a few. This way, we can create a tribe that works together and is inclusive.

Jessica Fletcher

Founder of Planet9 Co. The Market Place

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I Can’t Hear You When I am Wearing a Face Mask

photography of woman listening to music

I can’t hear you. It is hard to hear when my mouth is covered in fabric, secured with drawstring around my ears. The person who is speaking is speaking clearly. They may be wearing a mask as well but that is not the point.

Meeting with an account representative at a bank, we were wearing masks. Not too far away was another representative who would join our conversation from time to time. We giggled unashamedly when he was talking and I couldn’t hear him. I told him, “I can’t hear you, I am wearing a mask.” The silliness of it was it should have been, “I can’t hear you, your facemask,” or something to that effect.

I Can’t Hear You

It reminds me that we talk to much. We plan our responses before the person is finished. Missing out on what could be an incredible conversation, we are shortchanged by our own addiction to speaking. You can walk away from a conversation knowing nothing extra beyond what you already know, because you didn’t listen to and absorb with what the other person was saying.

This happened again when I was at the grocery store. I told the cashier that I couldn’t hear her, I was wearing a mask. As she was also wearing a mask we both giggled. Again. It was so ludicrous, yet powerful. I have a new goal. To listen more, speak less.

It is hard to hear when I am wearing a face mask speaks a lot of how we communicate. Can you imagine if we slowed down and listened more and spoke less how this would decrease our bad interactions? The times when you walked away embarrassed because you don’t feel you got your message heard and it was sure to be misinterpreted.

False Narrative

Decreasing false narratives may just require more listening. And less speaking. It is time to build my listening skills so that when my mouth is covered, I can actually hear you more. It’s not you, it’s me.

Jessica Fletcher

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Document Don’t Create

In the article, Document Don’t Create, D.O. Gibson shares an important philosophy he learned regarding writing and posting content.

How does this person post so often? It’s what often creeps into my mind when scrolling through social media. I wonder how they do it.  I wonder how …

Document Don’t Create

It took some thinking to understand the concept of documenting. Documenting is something I did after I completed inventory or set new goals. I suppose if the title was Document, Don’t Create – that would have made more sense. Regardless, one comma should not make a difference in the importance of this simple concept.

Document don’t create seems so clean and sterile. But thinking deeper, creating is the polished version and fraught with perfection and salesmanship. Edits. Lots of edits. Documenting is truthful and diary “ish”, raw and full of facts without the perfect lighting. Documenting represents the draw for impromptu, or a follow me for real life adventures – both good and bad. Twisted and messy. Like life.

Document Don’t Create

In my spiritual journey, I find something that always is the right thing to read. This was a good read to boost me to the next new year.

I am grateful people are out there sharing usable information that is relatable. I am on a mission to find more because self-improvement is high on my 2021 list. Not only self-improvement – but at the very core my own censorship of unworthy material that is cluttering my mind. Cheers to censorship. By me.

Jessica Fletcher

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Love Solo During Pandemic

cute cuddly toy cartoon costume

Love solo conjures a person alone and lonely, with an outstretched hand, begging for companionship.

I can attest that this image can’t be further than the truth. Love solo to me is owning my time and spending the time to love myself. To grow my personal interests and to fill full by living my own life and accomplishing my own dreams. Some people would even argue with that and say by loving yourself and spending time on yourself you are selfish and greedy. I would tell those people that the opposite is true. You can’t love someone else or live your absolute best life by being authentic until you know what that means. And if you haven’t given yourself that time, you are going to be the image of someone else in order to make someone else happy.

Solo defined by society does not = happy

You need to be with someone. Solo is missing something. Your other half, your better half, your pumpkin pie. I am here to say not only am I single, but happy.

Love Solo is Single and Happy

I have never been happier and more content being single. It was tough being single in my former career job. You needed the protection of a relationship. Often the environment was littered with cheaters. I was scathed in heartburn. Never truly a happy heart – just a slow aching, sometimes sharp pain that lingered from one person to the next. I never for one second felt secure and happy, or a even a sense of belonging. Many people focus on feeling incomplete being single.

Why not focus on where you are at and being happy with that first?

I wanted to be single. It was with the pressure of society norms that dictated that if you are single there is a reason. Usually that fed fuel to the fire that something was wrong with you. The married folk would allow you in for a brief peek at their self-proclaimed perfect lives. Nobody wants a third wheel. This may disrupt or lead to two flat wheels.

Being single and happy took getting to know myself and capitalizing on my strengths and working on my weaknesses. I am single and happy and love every perfect imperfection that I am. And there is nobody here to tell me otherwise.

I have been in love solo for four years

It has taken the four years to overcome a lifetime of departing.

And even with that, sometimes a super fast flashback infiltrates my wall. There is a sad memory flashing of some prior event. I have realized recently how sensitive I was. What other people say or do is really a reflection of them, not me. What others do should have zero influence on my self-worth. How I feel now on what I deserve would have meant I would never have experienced what I have. Bad relationships. Unfulfilling relationships. Damaging relationships.

People will throw stones at things that shine and this will never change. Things that did make me sad or angry are slowly losing ground. I have held on to the memory for too long as a way for self-protection, a wall, a reminder to stay away. Experiences in life have led me to keeping my inner circle small. Embrace my goals, and discover all the things that I like or don’t like. I matter. And I exist. I have never felt so authentic and true to myself. And loved.

No do-overs.

There is absolutely no one, not a single person, I would want to go back to. Not a do-over. Not a redo with new knowledge or experience. I am making my way towards complete forgiveness to myself. Bad decisions slowed my progress in being the best person I could be. I forgive myself in making these bad choices.

Am I alone thinking like this? I truly am not unique and there will be others that feel the way I do. So, I do already know the answer to this. As we age, people may leave first. Can we do it solo?

Not to bash those in relationships, I love two people in love and in a healthy relationship. My daughter is and I love it. It’s not something I have ever know or even grew up with. I accept my life fully where I am now and embrace being single.

If you can’t find contentment single, you will never have it with someone. I will never again feel pressured to move too fast or to commit to something that I don’t want to. Who knows what the future holds? I know for now, I am happy where I am at and the direction I am going. I have all I need right here.

Live your best life.

Jessica Fletcher

Some Videos

These gals are older and this was back in 1997. If you stick with this video you can get something out of it. These women sure enjoyed life and embraced being single.

A 1997 video. This was interesting to see. Live Your Best Life.

More links worth exploring more if you want to meet up with other like minded individuals:

This link gives single travelers an option to travel with others. There is a wide variety of ages from twenty somethings to 90 somethings.

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Eating For Energy

Eating for energy requires energy. My energy ebbs and flows like blue coastal waters. Having proper energy will improve the quality of life.

This morning I was on a mission to discover foods that can help me maximize energy, get me moving, and hopefully I can work on changing my sleeping habits. I suspect that many prescribed medication for various disorders can be eliminated if we ate better. If we exercised more. If we put more effort on our intake, including what we allow in on social or “news” media. We are sponges. The work is done in minimizing the social media “news” aspect, now I am on to my food intake.

Eating for Energy: Top 12 Foods

Finding a wonderful article online (thanks Google) called, “Top 12 Foods High in Energy to Keep You Going Through the Day,” by Daisy Whitbread. I feel I landed on a goldmine. The top 12 foods are:

  4. EGGS
  5. FRUIT
  7. NUTS
  9. FISH
  10. SEEDS
  12. WATER

Proper Diet

This is a great foundation to start. My favorite first meal has been oatmeal and is a no-brainer. I love it, especially the versatility and how little goes a long way. It is inexpensive and you can add your favorite flavors of diced fruit and nuts. Everything on this list is doable – and is already in my diet.

I tend to favor the Mediterranean diet and recently purchased some books on the subject so I can educate myself even more. I did the same when I was a lacto/ovo vegetarian for 6 years. A long while ago I joined Mediterranean food groups on Fakebook and there was so much fighting and negativity that I had to un-join. Don’t let others ruin a good thing for you. Proper diet is the first step in living your best life. We put proper oil and gas in our vehicles, do we not? We should give the same attention to ourselves.

An Amazing Website

The article I read today regarding high energy foods was found on the website You can visit the specific article link here:

What is good about this website is I found some other great tools I am going to dive into. A nutrition data tool is one example. A recipe nutrition calculator is another one. I can’t wait to explore this website more. So far, it appears free. All data is sourced from USDA FOOD DATA CENTRAL. That sounds important doesn’t it? Part of living our best lives is being the healthiest we can be. This takes work and is a lifestyle.

What’s on your plate?


***NOTE: I receive nothing from except education on my drive for better health, fitness, and well-being. 5 stars

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Artfully Living Li Ziqi

Artfully living Li Ziqi makes things look effortless.

Like a breathing canvas, the sun playfully shines down as Li Ziqi forcefully picks corn for supper. Later, a steer helps guide her over the water for reasons unknown. Possibly just to get from one dream to another.

Hauling gigantic, raw bamboo with two strong arms as they march over the terrain. Ziqi shows that even Red Riding Hood mounts a horse and gathers flowers. Is this a dream?

The Dream Continues

Li Ziqi turns fish over in the frying pan. Fish eyeballs still intact, I am entranced with dinner. The fish then is covered in a mouth watering concoction of berries and other garden forest finds. Even food has become art.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Is there a connection between unhappiness and our unwillingness to learn how to fish?

Or has relaxation and a vacation from our lives taken hold? Li Ziqi says she wants people to “relax and experience something nice.” This is artfully living.

If you read the comments on YouTube regarding this video, conspiracy theories abound. Some claim it is propaganda. Chinese propaganda. Whatever your thoughts, don’t you think it is a visual piece of art? Living off grid usually concocts a visual of hardship, sacrifice, and scarcity. We can all use a little break from reality and to see the beauty in raw work, beautiful utterly gorgeous food, and the peacefulness of living off the land.

An escape from concrete and the hurry scurry worry of modern life. Where time slows down and you can do more. Thus the days are longer and you can do it all and then make a piece of furniture. We can dream can’t we? Of a beautiful family and faithful, wonderful friends and a life that demands our full attention less the wrong lighting and shadows leave our canvas…blank. I will stay hopeful that it is never too late to absorb nature and be able to melt into the landscape as if you always were home.

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Home Cooked Meals

plate of sushi

Creating a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, home cooked meals have become more appealing. There is something about creating colorful, nutritional dishes that draws me in and allows me to absorb the moment. Food is art. And art is living.

The longer the pandemic continued, the more home cooked meals prevailed. I broke the reliance of fast food as a quick fix to whatever ailed me. Working too much, being too lazy, being tired all the time, the drive through remedied the pain of cooking. As the virus spread, I stayed home more. I began to cook and after a period of time, the negative habit of the drive thru went away.

Home cooked meals taste better.

Fill your life with more color and taste and the ability to create sustenance that goes beyond just getting by. Mixing and matching, creating patterns and textures, and even adding a favorite glass of wine and candle adds visual imagery that makes everything taste better. Budget and create a cooking plan.

Cost Effective

I quit justifying going to a more expensive eatery as treating myself. The money I save now from going out I can spend elsewhere. I can use leftovers to create more meals. Some people refuse to acknowledge leftovers as food. I can’t relate.

There are staples I have and buy in bulk. These staples are healthy, filling, and inexpensive. Some of my favorite staples are rice, beans, and potatoes. These are my go to quick foods that I always have on hand. I can expand on this and add cheese and tortillas. Lately, peanut butter and dark chocolate, green apples, and tangerines are my favorites. These are my minimal got to have, easy to fix, staples. You should have a few staples on hand that are so easy to cook that you can’t justify going through the drive thru.

Cooking Bucket List

I have brought the joy of cooking more into my life and broke old habits of convenience foods. I am now exploring meals I want to learn how to cook. Some of these meals will be easy. Whatever the reason, I have started a Cooking Bucket List. We all need goals, right?

Thanks to the internet, looking up a recipe and tweaking it for your own is a click away.

  1. California Roll – vegetable
  2. Vegan Rice Paper Rolls
  3. Chicken Dumplings
  4. Tortillas
  5. Pineapple upside down cake
  6. Hamburger Buns
  7. Cannabis Cooking
  8. Large Ravioli
  9. Broiled Garlic drenched in olive oil
  10. Stew
  11. Cioppino

What is something you would like to try?

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Nut Bag For Nuts

Nut bag for nuts offers a convenient way to snack on pro energy foods. Nuts are number 7 in my Eating For Energy blog post.

One of the fears of creating a work environment where creativity is in demand, is the fear of running out of creativity. What if it dries up? What if I transition to this wonderful business I have and all of a sudden, can’t find a thing to create? Amazingly, inspiration and creativity is all around us. It doesn’t go away. It grows and grows and grows.

Nut Bag For Nuts

Ideas will come without warning and slap us on the head. We could be anywhere, doing anything. Artists or creative thinkers live random lives. Thoughts come and go, expand and evaporate – and nag at us until we bring them to life. We balance multiple projects and ideas. Where we see possibility, people see impossibility. We take nut bag and turn it into a usable Nut Bag.

I like snacking on nuts and trail mix. I created this nut bag for the purpose of being able to snack and have a bag that creates a vibe. For me, it is perfect to travel with and nuts are convenient and one of my number one choices for eating for energy. Especially on the go.

A healthy choice in snacking, peanuts are fun to eat. You can even put walnuts, pistachios, or any other of your favorite nuts in there. Once I made the nut bag, I also wanted a nut sack.

I love sewing these bags. I could sew these all day long. Although I screen print, for the prototype I used fabric spray and my own original font created from stencil – recycling a piece of cardboard to use for the stencil. This means I will screen the next design that I will sell. Creations go from rough to something more pleasing. I used twine drawstrings which only celebrates the earthy minimalist design I am going for.

Offered in January. A perfect winter treat. Offered again in April, screen printed with different font.

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Walk In The Rain

crop person walking through puddles on asphalt

Walk in the rain said the forecast.

Today was such a beautiful day to take a walk in the rain with the pups. One of many great things about having pups for companions is that they require regular walks and exercise. You may not feel like it, but their need doesn’t stop and being a good parent requires sacrifice. Or does it? Is staying active when we would rather hibernate really sacrifice? Seems like having a loyal, tail wagging, personal coach. “Get out and exercise!” they say.

Turning negative into positive.

My preference is walking on a beach in sunny weather. But that is not reality for right now. So how can I turn this into a positive experience?

When the forecast calls for rain I translate this into walk in the rain. Therefore, there may be inclement weather but it calls for action. Something that needs to be done. I can’t get out of it.

There is a call for action regardless of circumstances or hurdles or personal preferences. It’s cold and I am going to get wet.

Fur babies encourage us to be the best we can be and enjoy each moment. Like children, you watch them grow so fast. You see their smiles and excitement. Walking in the rain becomes an adventure. There is only a window of opportunity to pull on your rain boots, don a warm knit hat, and zip a warm jacket – scarf optional but really fashionable.

It was supposed to rain. It didn’t.

Not that rain is bad, but sometimes the forecast calls for rain and it doesn’t rain. This leaves almost an empty street because everyone else is avoiding the rain. It is invigorating to be out when very few are .

There may have been no walk in the rain, be we did see one couple who were as amazed as we were to the beauty around us. They too wondered if somehow we were the only people left in the world as it was eerily quiet.

The crisp chill air made us hurry a little more. The overcast sky created an ambiance of an impending storm, yet beckoning us to enjoy all that Mother Earth offered us, rain or no rain.

There has been many times the forecast has erred. We anticipate an event or create an event in our mind by outside influence, and it doesn’t happen. All that time wasted! To focus on what is, is to live untouched and to avoid feeling things that will not be validated by reality. We get things done.

In times like this, we adapt, learn, and improve. And we chill. Enjoy every moment, even if the forecast calls for rain. What scares other’s away – may just make your day.

Cheers to a walk in the rain,

Jessica Fletcher

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Dogs Are Our Family

Dogs are our family and there is nothing like our fur babies.  They are loyal and unconditionally loving. They love us when it feels no one else can. The more time you spend with them, the more they become your irreplaceable children.

Their souls are obvious.  Each one has their own personality and quirks.  All this is not unknown, as seen by the U.S. pet industry statistics.  According to APPA (American Pet Products Association), $99 billion dollars is estimated on total pet industry expenditures in 2020.  It goes without saying, we love our fur babies. Dogs are our family.

Help With PTSD

Diagnosed years ago with PTSD and being an empty nester, I embarked on the journey of finding my very own puppy as the family dog was actually not mine and moved out with the kiddo.  Mylo, as stubborn as he was being a Lhasa Apso – could melt your heart.  He was wonderful and funny.

My home was very quiet with two elderly cats (17 years old at the time). I wanted an adventure pup who could travel on a motorcycle with me.  My online search found an Alaskan Klee Kai, from a breeder in Bandon, Oregon.  I visited my puppy when he was two weeks shy of being taken home. To my surprise this was a “backyard breeder”, a dirty place where an outdoor pen full of sad, unkempt dogs was on the left of the driveway. The home was within another outdoor pen, where a band of barking, snarling dogs offered protection to the homeowners – but aggression to the visitor. They appeared untrained, unkempt, and unruly. It was truly sad and a poor first impression.

Just Like Me

I longed to take my puppy home right then. He fell asleep with his puppy breath against my neck. From video updates I had felt a special bond right away. He didn’t play with his siblings, was off alone doing his own thing, and was much smaller. Almost seemed lonely while he was being videotaped with his birth family. A puff ball, and looking nothing at all like the litter he was from. Later, he was identified as a Pomeranian (mix) and not at all the Alaskan Klee Kai he was said to be. I really didn’t care about the logistics of his breed. I was in love. Dogs are our family and it doesn’t take long to fall in love.

Influenced by the news at the time, a new planet had been discovered and dubbed Planet 9.  It was hypothetical, a puzzle even today.  “A super-Earth, or sub-Neptune planet,” (Astronomy).  It was an opportunity to live my best life and not follow trends in fur baby names. A number name seemed quite reasonable and fitting for my special pup.

A Pup Named 9

Fast forward and 9’s favorite naughty/comfort food is macaroni and cheese.  He loves pasta, although it is not a regular occurrence. If he can slip his tongue in your mouth he will, he is a fast bugger. He loves everything about living and instead of a motorcycle, he hangs his head out the window and will pout if he can’t.  Being on a motorcycle didn’t seem responsible and I had to think about his safety more than my fun.

9’s favorite game is tug o war and he is somewhat of a tattletale – my little drama boy. He loves his harness and can’t be trusted fully without a leash. He likes to wander and explore. Pets are our family and the more you get to know your Furbaby, the more they are like us.

Finding The Right Vet

We parted ways with his first vet when as a wee pup he turned his head back, he didn’t bite – and the vet was indignant about it as a precursor to biting.  He also had a reaction to a shot and she didn’t take accountability, which it was a simple matter and an easy fix. Her attitude wasn’t going to work with us and her prices were ridiculous.

Vet two works for us. I can pick 9 up early after a procedure if he is doing well. 9 doesn’t like to be alone in a strange kennel in a back room. Even so, office staff stress they love 9 regardless of his small dog expectations. Finding the right vet to support your values is crucial in dog parenting.

I remember picking 9 up once after he had his declaws removed.  It was not a great experience; one had torn on a simple excursion to the park and I didn’t want to be in an isolated area and have a replay without a vet nearby. It looked painful and of course bled. So I decided all declaws had to be removed, safely. When I arrived after his surgery, they brought 9 to me and his eyes lit up – but he starts holding his colorfully bandaged feet up, vocalizing, “Do you see this, do you see what they did to me?”.  Treating him like a Prince has given him a voice because how he feels matters to me.

Dogs Are Our Family

My biggest fear when I have this family made up of fur babies is finding someone who could treat them like family and keep them together if something were to happen.  9 wouldn’t bite and he knows it is bad, but he will use his mouth to communicate at times and only someone who loves him will understand this and let him be him. What would become of this tribe that has given me more than I ever received from related or non-related humans?

When you put his harness on, he will put his mouth on your arm or grab your hand, he is sooo excited because he loves adventures and car rides.  Like people, it takes time to know your Furbaby and hear what they are saying and react in the way that works for them. I would be afraid he was misjudged or misinterpreted if I was no longer there. Being misread can hurt and be life changing.

When 9 sees another dog, he sounds quite vicious, demanding them to play or see him.  He loves deeply and sometimes without restraint, meaning he is kind of loud in certain situations. Not a barky dog and when he speaks, he has something to say.  He can sense an unwelcome presence like anything and I feel safe with him around.

The Meaning of Nine

Having 9 encouraged me to start Planet9 Co., LLC.  The number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose, generosity, a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character; (Joanne Sacred Scribes), among many other relatable descriptions of our life path we most identify with.  My birthday falls in September, the 9th month of the year, so there is that. 9 is meaningful.

At Planet9 Co., Inc, we screen print apparel and create new products that we believe in. Researching the greenest materials possible, we keep abreast of upcoming viable products & fibers. We support longevity and snub fast fashion. We want to be your favorite item years from now, not just for the moment. Doing this type of work allows us the dream of travel and working with non-profits.

Planet9 Co not only creates it’s own branded products, it is The Market Place. You can learn more about The Market Place here:

It has been a beautiful start to a wonderful adventure, already full of twists and turns. Fur babies are our family.

Jessica Fletcher