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Artfully Living Li Ziqi

Artfully living Li Ziqi makes things look effortless.

Like a breathing canvas, the sun playfully shines down as Li Ziqi forcefully picks corn for supper. Later, a steer helps guide her over the water for reasons unknown. Possibly just to get from one dream to another.

Hauling gigantic, raw bamboo with two strong arms as they march over the terrain. Ziqi shows that even Red Riding Hood mounts a horse and gathers flowers. Is this a dream?

The Dream Continues

Li Ziqi turns fish over in the frying pan. Fish eyeballs still intact, I am entranced with dinner. The fish then is covered in a mouth watering concoction of berries and other garden forest finds. Even food has become art.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Is there a connection between unhappiness and our unwillingness to learn how to fish?

Or has relaxation and a vacation from our lives taken hold? Li Ziqi says she wants people to “relax and experience something nice.” This is artfully living.

If you read the comments on YouTube regarding this video, conspiracy theories abound. Some claim it is propaganda. Chinese propaganda. Whatever your thoughts, don’t you think it is a visual piece of art? Living off grid usually concocts a visual of hardship, sacrifice, and scarcity. We can all use a little break from reality and to see the beauty in raw work, beautiful utterly gorgeous food, and the peacefulness of living off the land.

An escape from concrete and the hurry scurry worry of modern life. Where time slows down and you can do more. Thus the days are longer and you can do it all and then make a piece of furniture. We can dream can’t we? Of a beautiful family and faithful, wonderful friends and a life that demands our full attention less the wrong lighting and shadows leave our canvas…blank. I will stay hopeful that it is never too late to absorb nature and be able to melt into the landscape as if you always were home.

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