either write things worth readingor do things worth the writing.

Abraham Lincoln

Why not both?

I grew up camping. Literally. We were off grid before it was a “thing.” In my formative years, we had no electricity, running water, or a phone. Living on 80 acres of “boondocks” in Northern California, my parents were hermits and both out of necessity and desire to raise seven children away from society, our playground was full of rattlesnakes and seasonal creek beds full of polliwogs. We swam in murky ponds where the mud from the bottom would grab our naked feet. In the wintertime, we were those kids that walked over a mile to get home – and often without warm clothing.

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Our values are to be the best we can be in an often times negative world. Our mission is to give back by contributing and volunteering at non-profits that we believe in. We want to make the world a better place.

I have lived struggles, deprivation, abuse, challenges, victories, and comforts. And finally peace.

Fast forward and I live in the suburbs of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Surrounded by hops, vineyards, a river, and an hour from the city – mountains – desert – and coast, I have called this home for over 30 years (minus 6 years in the Tualatin Valley, which is closer to Portland). I still love the great outdoors.

Building a lifetime of skills that leads to where I am now, I am doing what I love and living my best life.

Planet9 Co. is built upon small business owners (like myself) who together as a whole form a community – a tribe – to create and manufacture products within the U.S.A. We make stuff. Good stuff. And our dreams may be to stay small or go big. We bring quality, ethics, and sustainable products to the marketplace.

We Are The Marketplace

If you are a small manufacturer, we want you. You can be that garage or kitchen based company building a brand all the way up to a full warehouse. Together we can make families stronger, doing the things we love.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can become a vendor at Planet9 Co.

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Open Your Own Bookstore

Open your own bookstore. Sounds simple right? Choose from competitive domains to find that catchy memorable online address. Find the right host. You will go through a handful until you find the right one. Add the payment gateway. Upload products after taking awesome pictures. Place in right categories. But your bookstore is rather puny at […]

When Your Pet Dies

When your pet dies your tribe changes. You have just lost a part of your family. Your best friend, confidant, and most loyal being ever. They love you and find you lovable when it seems no one else can. Sticking by your side, they don’t change sides. They just know. And when they die, grief […]

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Setting Goals For 2021

Setting goals for 2021 is making up for 2020 interrupted goals. It wasn’t even the pandemic so much or the fires. It was relying on someone. Having a plan and watch it disappear as someone couldn’t hold up their end of an agreement. Thus, there was no agreement and 2020 goals were all added to […]

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Document Don’t Create

In the article, Document Don’t Create, D.O. Gibson shares an important philosophy he learned regarding writing and posting content. How does this person post so often? It’s what often creeps into my mind when scrolling through social media. I wonder how they do it.  I wonder how … Document Don’t Create It took some thinking […]


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