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Planet9 Co The Marketplace. Together we are a whole. We form a community. A tribe. We create and manufacture products within the U.S.A. We make stuff. Good stuff. Our dreams are diverse and belong to us. We may want to stay small. Or go big. But we all want to make this a better place. We bring quality, ethics, and sustainable products to the marketplace.

Planet9 Co The Marketplace is the place to buy and sell. The place to grow, succeed, and be.

Why are we different? Our goals are to stay at a size that is viable to all that is accepted into The Marketplace. Who is accepted? You need products to sell, make them yourself or through your network (for example your family or someone you represent), and enrich the lives of others. We do not accept multi-level marketing businesses. But if you want to create your own wholesome makeup line, great smelling candles, soap, raise bees, make hammocks, work with wood and metal and so MUCH more – WE WANT YOU!

The Vendor

Being a vendor at Planet9 Co The Marketplace means that we are invested. We are investing in today and our future. Easy to use payment platform, the ability to communicate with our customers, and an awesome tech support. We know we matter and are not just a number. We are not lost on a platform that has grown too large for us to compete against duplicate products. Planet9 Co is NOT taking a percentage of our sales, so we can be assured that as our sales increase over time – our profit margin also increases. You can bet we are the best at customer service! We are just plain…awesome.


Planet9 Co HOPE


We print limited quantities to minimize waste. Screen printed old school style, we carefully analyze every step to promote green living.

Hope. Hope for a better future with collectable tees – not fast fashion. Made in the U.S.A. We are present and listening to our earth.

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If you are a small manufacturer, we want you. You can be that garage or kitchen based company building a brand all the way up to a full warehouse. Together we can make families stronger, doing the things we love.

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